Friday, October 3, 2014

Cardio Day, 3 lb. Dumbbells, And Protein, Protein, Protein

Yesterday was one of those days that I just didn't have it.
No energy.
No drive.

I went to the gym and got in a short workout, but it was work the whole time.
I probably needed a down day, just because I have been pushing harder this week and have not been sleeping well.

Yesterday was a mega squat day.
I put a 20 lb. bar on my back and ended up doing 400 squats.
2 sets of 100 and 4 sets of 50.

Today was a cardio day.  I had loads of energy.
4 miles on the AMT
3.5 miles on the treadmill.
My big toe started hurting, so I alternated walking/running.

I hit a cruising speed and felt like I could have run forever, if my toe wasn't hurting.
I do not want to get injured again.

3 lb. Dumbbells
It's a start.  Really, I wanted to see if I had any elbow pain with a curling motion.  It didn't hurt, but I am pretty sure I can't handle more weight with my left arm yet.  My right arm is a little stronger.  My wrist didn't hurt, just my elbow. 

Do any of you use wrist braces, guards?  I don't know what they are really called.  I see lots of people with gloves, but I don't think they are super stiff.

It's easy to overdue protein and forget that you need veggies and fruits and carbs.  They all have micronutrients important for good health.
This week, I am working on cutting sugar and adding protein.
I cooked 8 sirloin patties so I would have a protein ready to go.

I remember seeing an interview with some male celebrity who ate tons of "beef patties" to get muscular for a movie.  He said he never wanted to eat another one. Tomorrow, I'll grill up some chicken to have on hand.  Next week, another round of Operation Veg Out. Feel free to share your veggie pictures on Facebook.

What healthy habits are you working on?

What was your favorite thing this week?

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