Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Just When I Thought I Was Healed

Running last week was going really well.
I was feeling confident and when I was asked about my injuries, I only had arm pain to talk about.
I was so happy and grateful.

I am still happy and grateful, but my leg decided to freak out on Friday.

Tape and bruising.
I have matching bruises on both sides of my shin.
And bogs of inflammation that hurt when I touch them.
The bruising was caused by massaging the inflamed spots.

The good thing is that my foot doesn't hurt.
My guess is that all of my muscles are trying to compensate for each other.
I felt like my calves were strong.  I was working on my peroneus muscles. My foot and ankle felt like they were striking correctly, but something shifted somewhere and here we are again.

I took a picture just like this in March.

So, back to the Dr., Chiro, PT, Massage...

I'm not sure what will work.
I am going to a sports medicine Dr. on Friday.  I hope he has more info for me.
My guess is he will just say PT, but maybe he can explain why it's happening and how long it should take to heal. And what I can do to fix it.

Sometimes I give my phone to our little boy in the car.
Today, he was quiet while he had it.
When I got it back there were 20 of these pictures.
45 minutes--AMT
25 minutes--Abs/Stretching
10 minutes--AMT

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