Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What To Do?

The hardest thing about being out of the house for most of the day is figuring out how to keep these kids happy. 
Our first stop this morning was Lowe's.  We looked at lighting and countertops and then headed out to the lawn mowers and plants. This guy tried to start up a few of them.  I told him they only worked for dads.
After Lowe's, we went to the Dr. to get a new prescription for Flonase.  Little man has some trouble with allergies.  We will probably do the allergy blood test soon. For some reason, when the Dr. checked his ears, he started to cry.  It doesn't appear to be infected, but something definitely hurt.
 We went to McDonald's again for lunch, but this time we went to the park "down by the river" and had a picnic. Both of these kids like to spin. I had a bottled water because I had a late breakfast.  I think this no kitchen, all fast or restaurant food will make it impossible to actually enjoy fast food.
 This guy pretended like he was mad when I said it was time to go. Then I took his picture and he started to smile.
This is what the kitchen looked like after 3 pm today.
There was a ton of dust flying out the front door when we came home.
There is no water in the kitchen.
There is still a functioning bath downstairs. 
The rest of the tile will be removed tomorrow and then they will prep the floor and lay the new stuff on Thursday and Friday.
It might take longer than that.
My instructions were to make sure everyone wears shoes downstairs because there are staples and sharp corners.  The tile people recommended that we leave the house and head for a hotel.
I emailed the adjuster and the next thing I knew, I was being called by a temporary home specialist.
We have a hotel for tomorrow night and probably for the next 5 days.
There is dust everywhere.
50% of the plastic fell to the ground last night, so they had to re-hang the dust barriers.
They will have to do it again tomorrow because it already fell again tonight.
I will be glad to get away and have a place to rest, instead of wandering around town.
No workout today.
Too much stuff going on.
Good night.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tile Demo Day

The restoration company came at 8 am. I didn't know what I was supposed to do. I cleared the counters, but not the cabinets because I hadn't gotten confirmation of the cabinets and countertops being removed. The guys are really nice, but I wish they would communicate better. They are going to do most of the demolition today. We still are waiting on a countertop budget. They spent a long time taking measurements.

When I got back from the gym, there wasn't any visible change except for one chunk of trim was removed. And the plastic hanging everywhere. We stopped by the house to get  Haylee from the bus. Then we headed to McDonalds for lunch and a place to play besides the van.

 Reminds me of  "E.T."
 I was wrong, they only got the trim pulled and the plastic up.
 Patiently waiting outside for the guys to finish up.

Her tooth is barely hanging on. She lost the other top one yesterday, eating a fruit snack at church.

50 minutes AMT

Friday, April 25, 2014

Shoe Review and Post-Easter Candy Score

Today's Van Party!
Breaking Them In

When I get new shoes I usually want to try to break them in before I go all crazy on them.

I started off running quarter miles and then walking in between for a minute or two. The shoes put my foot at a higher angle and it felt kind of weird at first.

I normally wear the Brooks Glycerin shoe and their heel to toe drop is 10 mm. The Pegasus has a 12 mm drop, so I really wasn't kidding when I said it felt like I was wearing heels. The shoes felt really well cushioned while I was running and I was grateful for that. In total I ran 6 miles but really I was running and walking the whole time. I think I did a half-mile at one point.

I had to tighten my laces across the toebox and at the ankle a few times to give me the right support. That's how it always is with new shoes. The balls of my feet started feeling hot so I slowed down a little bit. I wanted to get in a good sweat, but not hurt myself.

Trying to run today showed me how much fitness I've lost in the last month. Hopefully with these different shoes my Achilles and calf will keep healing and I'll be back down to eight minute miles in a few weeks.

Candy Score
All the Easter stuff was 75% off at Walgreens today.  I tried to buy candy when it's on sale and hide it, but somebody always finds it.

I put Milky Way Simply Caramel Bunnies in the Easter baskets this year. No one liked them except for Heath.  He said, " These are heavenly!" I bought 10 for  $.22 each. There was a whole box that I was considering buying, I know that would be too much temptation for him. There were some plain chocolate bunnies for cheap too. Treats for the weekend! Not for me.

Running Tips for Beginners

If you want to start running and don't know where to begin, here are a few tips.

  1. Runs get easier with time.  Be consistent and keep going.
  2. Not every run will be a PR or fun.
  3. You will progress and then have a time where you don't see much improvement.  It just takes time.
  4. Run for yourself, don't compare your speed to others.  Do your best.
  5. Start with short distances.  Walk and running is great.  1 minute run/1 minute walk.
  6. Don't do the same workout everyday.  Hard workouts day after day will hurt your body.
  7. Breathe through your belly button.
  8. Run, walk, lift, rest.
Clothing and Shoes
  1. Wear spandex or something that protects from chafing.
  2. Wear something that makes you feel cute and confident.
  3. Go to a real running shoe store and get fitted for the right shoe.
  1. Drink water all the time.  Not just when you run.  Stay hydrated.
  2. If you are running distance, you need to have an electrolyte replacement drink like Gatorade or Nuun.
  3. You might need a snack along the way-- for runs over 1 hour.
Here are some more tips--From 101 Running Tips

Cleanse Menu--Day 4

The cleanse doesn't officially say no wheat, but I usually do no wheat and no dairy for the 10 days.
Today I had to run out the door so I grabbed a slice of whole grain bread with PB and half of a Protein Bar.
We were out of the house most of the day, but the kitchen was available.
I'm a little behind on water again because we weren't inside much.

Bread w/ PB
1/2 Protein Bar

1/2 Protein Bar

Mixed Greens Salad
Sirloin steak

Celery w/ PB


Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm a Pegasus and More Painting

I got my bag all packed and we headed out to the gym early.
The painters came and sheeted off all the walls so they could paint ceiling upstairs this time.
This time we weren't  actually locked out of the house.  We were free to roam downstairs as needed, but I had to make sure I had clothes for after working out.


The gym was crowded today. There was no space in the weight room. I stuck to biceps and triceps because my lower body was sore and you can lift those muscles without a bench or much space.
And I was just plain tired.

I stayed up til 1 am because of a sick child . He had a tummy ache and needed a nap and that made him not want to sleep when it was bedtime. We watched Cindrella and Toy Story 2.
He kept saying, "Mom! Don't close your eyes!" And I was like, "Shhh! Quit talking. Go to sleep."

I had been trying to hold off on buying shoes until the new Glycerins came out, but I have been in some kind of pain or discomfort for over a month. Whenever that happens, I know it's my shoes.

I went to Runner's Soul and told Scott that I wanted a shoe that would work similar to the Glycerin, but I didn't want to pay a lot. He pulled out all the shoes that he had on sale that are similar to the Glycerin--neutral with cushioning.

He brought out the following shoes:

Asics Nimbus
Asics Cumulus
Brooks Ghost
Nike Pegasus
Adidas Supernova
Saucony ?

My top two were the Pegasus and the Cumulus. My problem with the Cumulus was the height of the shoe  on the back of my heel. It felt like it was digging in to me when was just walking. That has been a problem for my feet with all Asics I have tried.

I chose the Nike Pegasus. The Pegasus is narrower than the Brooks Glycerin. They feel Snug around my foot, like a compression sock. But they are super light. That makes me wonder how they will wear, but I think they will be a good shoe in my rotation.
This is the only color they had in my size.  They were on sale for $70.  If you are looking for running shoes, I highly recommend going to Runner's Soul.  If
Scott is working, you will have some of the best service you will ever find.
Walking around in these shoes make me feel like I am in heels.  My other shoes were so worn down in the toes and the heels and my PureFlows just didn't have enough rise for the way I strike.  Pretty sure I am NOT a minimalist runner.
20 minutes--bike, easy
30 minutes--biceps, triceps
10 minutes--bike

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cleanse Menu--Day 3

I failed today.  Being out of the house for so long made food difficult. I just didn't eat enough . I thought I had some shakes in the back of my car, but my kids decided they liked them too and they have disappeared.

Protein Bar

Rice Chips



1/2 Avocado
2 Sirloin Patties

1/2 Protein Bar

I didn't get enough veggies or water today. I will be drinking 32 oz. before bed. And then I'll be waking up a few times :)

Painters, Trapped In The Car, Workout

What are you supposed to do when painters are coming and you have to get out of the house?
You go to the gym and stay there for as long as possible. Which is only two hours.

Then what?
We went to McDonald's and had a picnic in the garage.
After lunch, we went to visit my sister for a while.
This guy sat in a mud hole and had to take his pants and socks off.
We came home when it was time for our oldest to get off the bus.
We parked in the driveway for a while...
 Luke let Haylee know, "We can't get out of here."

After 9 hours out of the house, it was finally time for a shower and dinner.
That is the longest I have ever stayed in my sweaty clothes.
Tomorrow, I'm packing a bag with extra clothes for everyone.
And I will be stopping by someone's house for a shower.
25 minutes--AMT
9 minutes--treadmill--1 mile
40 minutes--lifting
  • squats with medicine balls
  • leg extension
  • push ups
  • alternating lunges w/ and w/o hop
  • heel raises
  • squat w/ shoulder press
10 minutes--AMT
15 minutes--stairclimber

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cleanse Menu--Day 2

The Advocare cleanse isn't a super limiting cleanse.  When you focus on what you can eat versus what you shouldn't eat during the cleanse, you can see there are a lot of choices and plenty of variety. 
I can handle eating the same thing over and over again, but this time I am going to try and mix it up.

  • Oatmeal
  • 1/2 chicken breast
  • 1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter
  • 1/2 Protein Shake
  • Salad (fill a whole dinner plate if you want)
  • Apple
  • 1 T. Peanut Butter
  • Protein Bar
  • Carne Asada (Flank Steak-lean)
  • Avocado
  • Carrots
Recommended water intake: at least 16 oz. between snacks and meals. Getting the water in is easy on days that I exercise. I have to think about it on my rest days.

It is normal to have a sugar withdrawal type headache the first few days.  I had one this morning, but it went away after I ate some more food.

No Run, But The Room Is Almost Finished!

This is day 3 of no workout.  Such a bummer.  But, we got carpet. And the kids are loving rolling around on it. I was worried that the color wasn't dark enough, but it is great.  I wish we could do the whole house. Maybe in another year.

 There is a huge difference in color here.  They installed a saddle, so the carpet from the room wouldn't be seen when the doors are closed.

 Have any of you tried this Younique Moodstruck 3D eyelash stuff?
I put it on as soon as I got it.
It is pretty amazing!
My lashes looked fuller and longer.
My husband asked who I was dressing up for?
I don't spend a lot of time primping.
This stuff is simple enough that I can do it and feel made up.
If you're interested in trying it,
my sister-in-law can hook you up.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter! and What's New?

The kids were lucky enough to have 2 egg hunts this weekend.
One with the amazing girl who watched them at the gym and another with Grandma.
They were in heaven.
 My kids got enough candy to last...a few days.
This is the salad I took to dinner.
I ate it for dessert and lunch today.
Lettuce, mixed greens, peas, bacon, tomato, olive, shaved parmesan, and some croutons.
Caesar dressing on the side.
I am going to try to not eat the Easter candy.
I am starting another round of the cleanse today.
Cleansing is a great way to decrease cravings and bloating.
This cleanse is pretty easy.
There are a few supplements you take and then you eat regular food, 5-6x a day.
On Saturday, I got to do this workout.
It was really fun, jumping around the gym.  I did one of my quarter miles at 9.8 mph.
That is my fastest quarter since I hurt my leg.  And I didn't have any pain after. 
After 2 rounds, I switched up the movements in between the running.
I added mountain climbers, air squats,  30 sec. plank hold, and seated shoulder press.
Hooray for working hard!

I have a bunch of construction stuff going on this week.  I found out that we are going to have to move the cabinets to fix the floor.  That might mean new countertops.  We'll have to wait and see what the insurance says. Not sure how I am going to get to the gym for the next few days.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Paint Color

I am trying to decide what color to paint our front room, formal dining and entry way.
We are painting the ceiling in Benjamin Moore Super White.
Horizon is on the light end of the same chip.  Moonshine is on the opposite end. I like darker colors, but I'm not sure how the darker shade will look everywhere.  Both are shades of white/gray.  In certain lights the horizon looks blue and the moonshine looked more greenish to me.
Get test pots and make patches all over?
What do you think?
Custom Build Home contemporary staircase

 Do you see any difference? The top is Benjamin Moore Moonshine. The bottom is BM Horizon.  
Dreamy Whites eclectic living room

Thursday, April 17, 2014

5 Easy Miles

I got "cleared" to run yesterday.  Go slowly and ice if it hurts afterward.  I was still a little hesitant to run because last time ended painfully.  I am sure taking those 3 full rest days did my body good.
Great Things About Easy Running
  • You get sweaty even though you are taking it "easy"
  • You can wear a cute jacket and not get overheated
  • You don't choke when you try to take a drink while you run
  • It's easier to change the channels on the treadmill
  • No calf pain
  • I never felt like quitting
  • Once I get my endurance back, I'll work on speed.
My pace was 9:30.  It was hard to keep it there because I wanted to go faster.  But I am happy that I was able to run that far and not die.
Quest Bar
Lots of people have been claiming that the Cookies and Cream variety of Quest bar is incredible.  I hopped on over to GNC and got one to try.  Hmmm....Not what I was expecting and not so good in my book.  I like to try new things, but that does not mean that I am going to like them.
I'm going to try the White Chocolate Raspberry tomorrow.
Happy Birthday To My Dad and Mom!

Back in 1972.
I invited them to come to sushi with us for their birthdays. 
Not sure when that will happen.
They are a couple of cuties.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Drama, Not Really, It Just Sounds More Exciting

I got a letter in the mail this week.
Plug you nose and read aloud--
"Dear Mrs. Mary,
"We regret to inform you that your favorite chiropractor is no longer participating in our network.  Go find someone else who adjusts feet and listens to your running woes.  PS, they don't exist in your area."
Our insurer is a very common, large company.  It seemed almost impossible for a Dr. to give up participating with our insurance, but there it was in black and white.
I called the hotline to double check.  They were not helpful. They said call the chiropractor directly. 
I called 4x in 10 minutes and got no answer.
I was trying to figure out how I could talk them into counting me as a cash patient.
I wondered if they would let me have a discount if I bought in bulk.
I called again and it still wouldn't go through.
I finally called their 2nd office and they let me know that he was still participating with my insurance.
The phones and computers were down in the local office.  But the lady was able to get into their schedule book and make an appointment for me.
(angel's chorus)
I got adjusted.
I am not kicked out.
My leg seems to be healing.
And I went to the gym.
It was a good day!
10 minutes--AMT warm-up
40 minutes--biceps, triceps
40 minutes--AMT--12/16 intervals

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Strength and Love

We are strong.  There are physical ways we can show our strength. Exercise is important to me, but there are other ways that strength can be gained.

We show strength when we have a bad day and we get up the next day anyway.

When our children are sad and we give them an extra measure of love.
We show strength when we are mistreated and we don't retaliate. 

The strength that we have is not given to us to hide. 
We can share our strength when we help a stranger in need. 
We show strength when we share our trials with trusted friends. 

We show strength when we cry for another's sorrows.

We show strength when nothing seems to be going right and yet we still smile. 
We show strength when we give thanks for life despite our circumstances.

We show strength when we acknowledge the Lord's hand in our lives.

What is the most important feat of strength?  Loving each other.  None of us are perfect, but we all need love.

"Love is the very essence of the gospel, and Jesus Christ is our Exemplar."  Thomas S. Monson
How do you share/show your strength?

Monday, April 14, 2014

What I Wish I Were Doing Right Now

You guys can do this, I'll just do the dance.

Grocery Shopping, Jammers, and a Day Off

Does any one else get nostalgic when you go grocery shopping?
I used to walk as fast as I could, 7 blocks, to the grocery store at lunch time in Junior High and get some Corn Nuts and a cream soda or water.  BBQ Corn Nuts bring back good memories.
Of course I had to buy some.  And they were just as good as I remembered.

I like to hit the outside of the grocery store when we go.  The hardest thing with a 3 year old is avoiding the toys that are randomly placed along the edges of the aisles.  Everything is awesome to him.  Even if it is a piece of junk.  Crying and whining in the grocery store is not fun. I was able to distract him with some apples.  We ended up with more than I wanted, but he was happy to count them.

Chatarunga Jammers
Two thumbs up. I got my Jammers last week and have worn them 2x.  The talls were the perfect length for my leg.  Ending right above the knee.  The regular length ones hit me mid-thigh and were not quite comfortable.  If you want a pair longer than booty shorts, but shorter than knee-length, you should try the regular jammers.  I can't vouch for riding up or not.  Mine don't, but they are long. They are super comfortable.  I only kept one pair and didn't re-order because I would like to try a different brand of running short. 

Day Off
What to do when you aren't exercising.
  • fold laundry
  • vacuum
  • dust
  • grocery shop
  • play with kids
  • window shop online
  • blog
  • research how to heal faster
  • feel sorry for yourself
  • wait for painters to come to your house
  • look at paint chips
  • dream of running
  • sleep
  • read scriptures
  • pray for strength
  • help a neighbor
  • attempt cutting your son's hair. Oops!

I know this won't kill me.  I told myself I could take a week off. 

Last night, we watched "Inside Man" with Morgan Spurlock.  He was learning how to be a paparazzo.  We have talked before of things we could do together when the kids leave home.  His suggestion was to be long-haul truck drivers.  I suggested we become paparazzi.  He was not intrigued.  I guess we'll just stay home.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Not-So-Secret Sauce and V8 Protein Bar

There is a secret sauce in our house that I buy 2 at a time.
Your hint is: we go through a gallon of milk almost daily.

Any guesses?
Nesquik Chocolate Syrup!
My kids love chocolate milk.  One won't drink any milk unless it is chocolate, the other 2 love both plain and chocolate milk.  One time we tried the strawberry kind and it sat and sat until I finally threw it away.  We all prefer this brand to the brown bottle.

The other secret sauce is
Sweet Baby Ray's  Honey Barbecue Sauce.
I think this qualifies as false advertising.  V8 protein bars taste nasty.  Like a baby food veggie mix with chocolate sauce. NASTY! This one is Peanut Butter Flavor. There might be different flavors, but don't waste your money on this one. Just drink a V8 and a protein shake separately if you are a fan of Tomato Juice. Some things just don't go together.

Gym Time
I had a crier when I got to the gym because we forgot his "big Buzz." I only had an hour to spare and going home did not seem like an option.  When I got in the car, I could feel my body getting hot.  I was so frustrated.  I didn't sleep well last night and I just needed to get out and get some endorphins flowing.  I went home as fast as I could and hoped that I wouldn't run out of gas.  There and back is like 6 miles maybe. 

I think they were surprised that I came back.  Running still isn't where I want it to be.  I did 2 miles slowly, walking and jogging. Then I lifted and did push ups.  I had to do them on my knees.  My body is weaker because I have been lifting upper body for most of the last 3 weeks. That's another reason I am frustrated.  Just keep going, right? Everything is improving.  I know that, but I guess I am being impatient. 

How do you get out your frustrations? New running shoes would improve my mood.  The ones I want don't come out until June!!!

What is your "secret sauce?"

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throw Back Thursday, Exercise and Digestion, Inspiration for Life

Aren't we cute?
This is my sister, Emily and I.  My guess is that I was about 3 years old.  I was dressed like a boy when I was little.  Green cords and all.
Exercise and Digestion
Some days, I feel like my digestion is really slow.  It could be that I haven't eaten enough fiber for a few days or I ate baked goods the night before.  In either case, it seems like one thing that helps relieve those symptoms is a sweaty cardio session.
"Better Living" says that getting your muscles moving by doing cardio improves blood flow and  gets your intestinal muscles moving as well, improving "sluggishness" and helping "push waste through your body."
Taking a walk after dinner can be enough to help aid digestion.  Getting your blood moving doesn't have to be an intense workout session.  Walking is just fine.
Inspiration For Life
My cousin's wife, Jenn, (whom I call my cousin) posted this on Facebook a few weeks ago.  It is good advice for life. 
She has a really cute and creative blog called Ruffled Sunshine. The current post is about their son who just turned one.  They are great people, so fun and kind.  You can read some about their adoption story and see her many talents.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


You may have noticed a few links on this blog to Greatist.com.
When I was looking at their site yesterday, I noticed how GREAT it really is.
There are lots of workout ideas, including a GWOD-greatest workout of the day.
These WODs require no equipment as far as I have seen.
That means everyone can do them.
Starting Over

That's how I feel right now.  My running is starting over.  I am not starting from zero, but I feel like I might need to use a different strategy. I read an article about a lady who pushed herself so hard to Boston Qualify that now she doesn't want to race any more.  My body was throwing fits when I started to workout high intensity everyday.  I thought I just needed to work through it.  If I had been smart, I would have pulled back.  But I like to push and I wanted to see where I could go.  My body couldn't handle upping both running and lifting at the same time.
The question then is why am I doing this? Why do I exercise?
It makes me feel happy, accomplished, strong, energized (except when I overdo it).
I want to be an example to my kids of being active.
It is a social event to some degree.  You make friends when you see the same people everyday.
In my dreams, I might be a racer, but that isn't the most important thing.
Margaret shared why she exercises, "I run/exercise because it makes my time with my family better and more enjoyable. We do sometimes exercise together but I also use my exercise time to be by myself.  I do it because it allows me time to clear my head and mentally plan/prepare for real life. I had always been a fitness walker and aerobics girl when I was younger but once I had my own (kids I let my) activities slide. I felt like since I worked outside the home that I needed to spend all the other minutes with my kids. I have since found that my hour a day of exercise  makes our other house so much better!"
I totally agree with her take.  Exercise makes me better in all other facets of my life.
Starting or starting over is sometimes hard, but from my experience, the work is totally worth it.
Find friends to walk or run together with or join the gym together.
Take measurements or pictures so you can see your progress and recognize your accomplishments. 
Or keep a speed journal and mark your progress that way.
Here's to starting over.  Slowly, but surely.
16 minutes--AMT
Leg Press
Leg Extension
16 minutes--AMT
Decline abs
Hamstring curls
9:30--treadmill 1 mile
Floor abs
9:30--treadmill 1 mile
2 minutes--treadmill walking

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Reasons To Smile

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and..
 We have air in the new room
 We have dry wall on the ceiling
 We've started looking for tile.
We checked these 2 out.
The 12x24 looked pink in the house
 This 20x20 looked super light.
Next time I am going to get a stack of tiles with different colors and bring them all home.
In the warehouse, these tiles looked like they were almost the same color.

I taped my leg for all I was worth.
Calf, Achilles, and anchor placement.
It looks like I have a smurf robo-leg.
But I did it.  I RAN!
My legs were tingling and it felt so good.  Like they woke up after a 2 weeks rest.
I went slowly, an easy run and I did 2 miles.
But I didn't have any pain and I felt awesome.
I plan to increase to 2.5 miles tomorrow and then take a running rest day.
Man, I missed running.

What's making you smile today?

Monday, April 7, 2014


You win the $50 Athleta Gift Card.

Sweet Dreams

I rarely remember my dreams, but this morning I had a crazy one and wrote it down so I wouldn't forget.
I was sitting on a couch with P. Diddy, Puff Daddy--whatever he goes by now. We were having a pleasant conversation and when I got up to leave he gave me $50 and said, "This is for you.  Get some wrinkle cream."
How often do I think about P. Diddy.  Never. I think I see him on commercials sometime. My back pain must have been playing with my mind.
I went to the store and got some Kinesiology Tape before I went to the gym, not wrinkle cream:)

There is a little instruction sheet inside with placement and tension directions depending on your injury.  There are tons of directions online as well as places to send pictures if you want a trainer to double check your application.

I placed for my Achilles and it worked well.  I didn't want to use 2, but I will tomorrow because I am actually going to try out running :) Lots of smiles.
As I used the AMT today, I was a little scared.  I wanted to run on the treadmill, but I was afraid I would re-injure my leg.  I was actually afraid. And I doubted my ability.  So I am going to give myself another day to ice and research tape placement and get some good sleep so I can go for it tomorrow.
45 minutes--AMT--16/18 Interval--more arm pull with leg injury
45 minutes--biceps/abs and 100 standing military press (30 lb. bar)
The giveaway gift card is ready to go to one lucky reader.  The winner will be posted tonight on both Facebook and this blog.
Good luck to all who entered.  Thanks for sharing your workouts and inspiring each other to keep going.
What healthy choices have you made today?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Last Call for Giveaway Entries

This is your last chance to enter the Spring Break Giveaway.
Please check on Facebook to make sure you are on the LIKED list post.
For some reason, not all of the likes are visible to me.
I am missing 6 names
Leave a comment on Facebook or the blog if you are missing from my list.
I'd like to give everyone a chance to claim their like, so...
The winner will be announced
 around 6 pm pacific time
Monday, April 7th.
Hopefully that's enough time for everyone to get their entry.
She's got the flexing part down.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Brought To You By Rainbow Brite

I have been wearing my compression socks all day and all night. And, no, I haven't washed them yet.  I will wash them tonight.  It's kind of gross, but I think they have really helped.  I still haven't gotten any tape, but the plan is to wear the tape on non-sock days.  My calf and Achilles are improving.  Still holding off on running, but I can feel that it is getting better and I am really excited and grateful for that.
 I didn't realize how bright my outfit was until I stood in front of the big mirrors at the gym.  I normally wear a lot of black and gray to the gym.  I think the socks put it over the top.  I got a few looks.  Couldn't decide if they thought I was crazy or tough?
We have lights and a doorway in the new room.  I am loving it.  I am not a designer, but I happen to have several sisters-in-law who are incredible decorators.  Maybe I'll enlist their help when this is all done. And Mr. is starting to like it too.
I hope you all have a good weekend.
I will be watching this.
30 minutes--AMT--16/18 Interval
60 minutes--lifting
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Abs
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Thursday, April 3, 2014

What's the Secret?

When I decided to stick with not running or jumping until my calf was better, I thought eventually I would have to give in and do it, but taking things a little easier this week has actually felt good.  I am not as fatigued, unless the kids don't sleep, and I still feel strong. I probably need to stick with taking a few easy days a week so my legs don't give out.

I talked to a few new girls at the gym yesterday.  They both want to lose around 80 lbs. When I told them what I used to weigh and that I had lost over 80 lbs., they asked what the secret is.  I tried to think back to when I started to lose and the thing that made the biggest difference was food.  I had to change how I ate and what I ate.

 I remember thinking if I only ate 1200 calories a day, whatever it might be, I could lose.  My test was to eat M&Ms and see if I could lose.  It didn't work, so obviously quality of food counts too.
I have always liked fruits and vegetables. But when you eat junk for years in college and as a newlywed, you have to get rid of the control those cravings have over you. 

I thought that I had to be perfect with my food to lose. That isn't true either.  If you can keep a clean diet nonstop, then good for you.  Having a treat once a week is not going to kill you.  But it doesn't give you a license to eat crap all week or all weekend.  Pick and choose what it is that you want to eat.  And having a treat does not mean that you have failed. You can also choose fruit as a treat.  I love apples and peanut butter.  It feels like a treat, but it is good for you too.

Food is not your enemy.  Food is the fuel that allows your body to move and grow and improve.  You have to feed it well, so it can perform well.

Of course moving matters Exercise and weight loss go hand in hand. In the beginning, being consistent is key.  Maybe you aren't as fast as you would like or as strong, but if you're consistent you can get to where you want to be.

Cardio is a good way to start losing weight.  I started running when I wanted to lose.  Start with walking if that is where you are physically.  When that gets easy, jog for a few minutes at a time. When that gets easy, go for a longer jog.  Add in sprints to help you see how fast you really are. That helps you see your potential and ramp up your intensity.  Don't be afraid to push a little.  Just listen to your body.  Go for muscle fatigue without pain.

Along with running, I used to do Denise Austin workouts that were on the TV. If you want to change your shape, you have to do some kind of weight bearing activity. Don't know what those are? Here is a list of 50 you can do at home.

My shape changed even more when I joined the gym and lifted heavier weights.  I had virtually no muscle definition in my arms and legs and even my back when I joined.  I am no bodybuilder, but I am strong.  I shared with the girls that I hired the trainer last summer and she really helped me improve my strength and muscle definition and confidence in the gym.

My last piece of advice is if your workout gets easy, it's time to change it up.
Whenever you increase time or intensity, be realistic.  Don't go from running 1 mile to running 5 miles.  Gradually increase.  Or for lifting weights, don't deadlift 135 lbs. out of the blue when you normally lift 60 lbs. because someone says you can.

It takes hard work.  I'm not going to lie.  But you can do it.

What is your best weight loss/ fitness advice?
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