Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dr. Visit, 10 Days Off, Macros

Time Off
After trying everything I could think of to try to heal, besides take a hard break, I decided it was time to just rest.
10 days felt like forever.
I really didn't do any exercise, except for a walk with my daughter one morning.
My leg has improved, but my foot still hurts.

Yesterday, I was in a foul mood.  I did not feel well, I have been tired and not able to sleep.
I had also been stressing out over my daughter going on a trek for church.
They left this morning and will be in 100+ degree weather.
I hope she survives.
She is not an outdoorsman.
This will be a test for her.

When I woke up this morning, I decided that I would go workout, but I wouldn't run.
I am now a non-runner.
I hope to lose that designation soon.
I drives me nuts.
One plus, I won't need new shoes for a while!

Dr. Visit
I went to see my Dr. last Friday.
She is a runner too.
She suspects that I do have some form of Plantar Fasciitis and some tears in my calf. 
I will be visiting the podiatrist and doing some Physical Therapy in the next few weeks.

She said to do the following:
  • Ice
  • Stretch
  • Tape
  • Rest
  • Elevate
  • Roll
  • Take anti-inflammatory
I had been doing all of those things, except for the meds.
So, she encouraged me to take something 2x/day for 2-3 weeks.
I don't like taking medicine, but if it helps me get better, I think I will try.

Cleanse, Again
It's that time again.  My body is so ready for a reset.  I have not felt well in my guts for a long time.  I love doing the Advocare Cleanse.  It works!

That looks like a lot of protein.  Your needs will depend on your goals and activity levels.
To determine your needed calories and macronutrient break down, look here.

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