Thursday, July 3, 2014

Looking Forward To Some Time Off

Take a Break

I am so excited to take a break.
We will be sitting by the lake soon and that is exactly what I need.
My kids are big enough that I can just watch them and won't have to help them as much.
Except when little man has to use the restroom.

We are working on standing at the toilet instead of sitting.
He thought is was fun last night, but asked to sit this morning.
I think when we are outside, he will be all for it.

Workout With My Daughter

Her first day at the gym, she did a 22 minute mile, walking.
Today, she did a 17 minute mile and was at a 3.0 incline.
She said that she really likes working out.
We did pull-ups again.
She did like 50.
It wasn't enough weight and she didn't want to stop, so I let her keep going until she got tired.
She also likes the adductor/abductor machines. 
She wasn't feeling her best yesterday.
I could tell she was feeling a little tired, but she just kept pushing.
She finished with 20 minutes on the AMT.  I told her she could stop.  She told me, "I'm going to go until the time runs out."
Way to go, Mimi!

Welcome to the OOL
Notice there is no P.  Please keep it that way.

We used to swim at the neighbor's pool growing up.  She had that sign hanging by her pool.  It's hard to keep kid's from piddling in the pool.  That's why we replace the water every few days.

We decided we could fit 100 people in the pool if we sat on laps.
That means everyone is invited!

Food for the Fourth
I got some apples and blueberries to share and some saltwater taffy.  I love to eat holiday food.  We only do it a few times per year, right? Next go around, I'll actually make something.

And instead of sitting around, I'm going to try to play and move more.  I got a little boat to float in.  It's actually for the kids, but if it's big enough I'll be getting in too. 

Have a great holiday!

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