Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Slow Is Better Than Quitting"

"Slow Is Better Than Quitting"

I read something along those lines yesterday. 
That is how I feel right now.
It's hard to know if I should stop or just go slower.
I'm still waiting to hear from the specialists, so I have to stick with how I feel.

Speaking of how I feel, I have very little pain.
These meds, arthritis meds, really help.
I should be sore, because I did lots of squats with weight.
I can feel that my muscles were worked, but I am not sore.
I feel my foot, but not pain.

Is it more damaging to take the medicine and still workout and not feel the pain?
I'm going to have to focus on my nutrition more, again, now that I can't workout how I want to.
I didn't realize how little protein I was getting.  If I want to maintain muscle, I need more protein.
The goal is at least 100 grams throughout the day, but if I follow a mid-range carb plan, I should get 200 grams of protein.  How do you get that much without a shake?  I deleted my food app.  I probably need to get that back.  I prefer to just think about the protein and figure that I do okay with fat and carbs.  But if I want to lose fat, gain muscle--I'm going to have to pay attention to everything.
It probably won't happen until the kids are back in school.

My husband loves giant bowls of cereal, I love giant bowls of salad.  Our version of Jack Sprat.

I really wanted to try some burpees today.
I did a couple push-ups and popped up at the end.
It didn't feel quite right.
So I stopped.

I also tried the rowing machine again.
That felt so hard.
I thought, "How can I be this out of shape?"
Then I looked at the resistance and it was all the way up.
That's why it was hard.

I looked at the treadmill.
It was calling my name.
But I know I am not ready for that.
I put in my earbuds and jumped on the AMT.
No treadmill!  Not yet.

 He was underwater treasure hunting under the couch cushions.
Good thing he had his goggles!


  1. Slow is much better than quitting. I hope you feel better soon. Injuries are tough. I also have trouble with protein. Im such a carbs girl and not a big meat eater.

    1. Thanks for your comment. It really made my day.


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