Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Push Ups and Green Beans

I thought today was the day.
But my leg is still hurting.
I think running hills by the lake didn't help my cause at all.
And flip flops are definitely not supportive shoes.
My pain is running from my arch, up the side of my leg.
I am hoping that it is not anything more troublesome than my other current aches.
My cousin said, "It sucks getting old."
I have never really considered myself old.
I mean, I am not the cute young thing that I once was.
And I shudder at some of today's "fashion."
I'm not old, I'm middle aged...
That doesn't sound any better.
I can still work out.
I just have to be careful.
35 minutes on the AMT
45 minutes lifting
25 minutes AMT
Came home and did some push ups and abs.
 It took me a while to figure out how to do this type of push up (arms close to your sides)
Sometimes I do them with a hand release, if my muscles are already tired.
When you get down to this position, just lay your body on the ground for a second and pick you hands up just off the ground.  Then push up again.
 Shoulder Tap Planks
 Stretch all the way out and then tuck into a ball.
 With a friend
And just for fun.  Green Beans.
I can't remember what kind these are, but they are not what I was expecting.
Those long strings are the beans. I don't think I can eat them. You probably only have to eat 2 to get a full serving.
How was your workout today?
Any  interesting plants in your garden?
How hot is it where you are?

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