Thursday, September 25, 2014

Can You Feel IT?

Fall Leaves Falling
I love the weather we have been having the last few days.

Fall is here, hopefully to stay.
I am not praying for snow, but I love light jacket weather in the evenings.
Everything feels a little more cozy.

Can you feel this?

If you look up how to remove k tape, it says to take a shower and lather it up.  The soap should help loosen the adhesive.  I know it works when I soak in a bath, I must not take long enough showers.

Can you feel this?
I got a real ice pack and I use it almost every day.  Wrists, elbows, knees, ankles.  It really is way better than a bag of frozen green beans.

Can You Feel This?
This dude loves to do somersaults and headstands anywhere he can.
In the van?
 Why NOT?!!!
Watching him do it makes me cringe.
I don't like the feeling of blood rushing to my head.

I found this quote the other day.  I am sure we all have days that we curse our bodies.  But really we should love our bodies--warts and all.

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