Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Finds

It's that time again to share my favorite things of the week.

1. Halloween Candy
I know a lot of us try to be good and avoid sweets.
And I usually do it too, but when you go to Target and don't have much to buy, it is really easy to fill your cart with snacks.
It's not even October.
I am getting my fix early.
I'll avoid it for the rest of the month.
2. Padded Sports Bras
My Target has lots of exercise clothing 30% off.
I'm flat chested and I know it.
It is nice to have a little shape when I workout--and at all other times.
When there is a sale on padded sports bras, it's a double win!
3. This Guy
We get to hangout daily.
He likes to snuggle.
He likes to steal my food.
He likes to spit in my salad (yes, that actually happened)
He tells me he loves me frequently.
He is pure boy.
4. A Smile
An awkward smile, I love it!
Not that long ago it was hard for me to smile.
A real smile.
Life is all about perspective.
This morning when I woke up to a crying child, way to early, I had a moment of clarity.
I was able to snuggle this child.
As much as I'd like to lift weights,
This is what my arms are for.

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