Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Starting Again...Again

It seems like I have had that title on a post a few times this year already.  Just when I think I'm all better, all in, ready to go--I'm not.

But I am ready to run a little and that is enough to make me smile and have a sweaty sparkle on my skin.

Several good things have happened this week.

Numero Uno

We got a new bed!  The mattress removal fellows said, "Your bed is really old."
My husband did not believe me when I told him.  And he could not believe that they actually said that.  Our old mattress was from college.  It was the nicest thing we owned when we were first married.

We actually maxed out our credit card to get it--we paid it off the next month.

The new bed salesman's name was Vance Lightning. 

 It has a nice pillow top with foam and gel and heat dispersing properties.
It's soft, but has firm springs.
I really felt like taking a nap when we tested it out.
No back pain, hip pain this morning.
After we bought the bed, we went to the car wash.  It was an automatic one.
Put it in neutral, hands off the wheel, and let it take you for a ride.
A person in front of us didn't understand the rules and ended up sideways.
The manager was very calm about it and got everything back on track in minutes.
Number 2
Post workout snack.
Okay, it's just like candy.
But it has peanut butter too.
Number Three
I went to the chiro again and had my hip aligned.
I also hit the Physical Therapist and got some e-stim on my leg.
I mentioned my arms, but he didn't do anything for them.
I forgot to tell my chiro.  Maybe next time.  I am still at least 1 week away from lifting upper body.
Number 4
The tile man returned  to even out the brick pattern on my backsplash.  This time it looks better.  It just needs grout and then we are done.  Hopefully, for real this time. Then I can paint and be done with this home improvement stuff.
15 minutes--AMT--14/16 Interval
30 minutes--legs
  • Back squat
  • Back lunges
  • Leg extension
  • Adductor machine
  • Abductor machine
  • Calf raises-straight leg and bent knee versions
40 minutes--treadmill
Run--1 mile
Run/walk 3 miles--between 6.4 mph and 7.5 mph

What's your post-workout snack?

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