Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sleep, Run, Truth


Having a new bed has made my sleep so much more comfortable.
I used to toss and turn when I first went to bed.
Now, when I decide to sleep I just sink in and I'm out in a few minutes.

My back feels better, my shoulders and neck are relaxed.  I didn't know it would make such a difference this fast.
Beds have a life of 7-10 years.  If you are having pain and trouble sleeping, I would look at your mattress.

It's kind of like running shoes.  They have a mileage limit and then they will make you hurt.  A new bed, and new shoes, is an investment in your health and wellness.

Today was a good day for a run.  I felt strong and balanced.  Some days I can tell I am leaning one way more than the other and I walk with a sway or a limp.  Weird.

I started off with 100 floors on the stair climber.  Today was easier than yesterday and I felt like I could do more, but I wanted to run as well.

The bad thing about not running or working out my lower body for a few months--the bum jiggle.
I am sure you know what I'm talking about.  If I can feel it jiggle, then I know other people can see it jiggle.  That just gives me a goal I can work towards.  When the rear end momentum stops, I know I'm in decent shape.

Speaking of jiggle, the same things is happening with my arms. Oh, well.


Laundry has been non-stop this week. I have piles to fold.  And more loads to wash.
It's hard to believe that it will ever end, but...

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