Sunday, June 29, 2014

Friday Finds

I haven't been out and about much lately.
My sister is still in town and we have been hanging out at one of our houses most of the week.
This has been part of my breakfast this week.
All week was high carb.
It claims to have protein, and it does, but under the 10g label it says
"when you add milk."
Kind of a trick.
It is really good.
 I found my dad letting some of the boys crawl all over him.
They have a huge beet patch just behind them.
I love pickled beets.
Lots of people think beets taste like dirt.
I think they are delicious.
I broke an unbreakable knife.
I was cutting cheese slices for my daughter and it broke.
Luckily, Cutco will take it back and fix it or send a new one.
The label on this plant said cucumber.
It's some kind of squash.
I hope it's edible and not ornamental.
We have a tomato that is almost ready to pick.
If you don't look at your garden for a few days, you find some big changes.
We found a big cucumber too.
In a week we should have our fill of cherry tomatoes too.
I love fresh garden stuff.
What are you growing in your garden?


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