Friday, February 7, 2014

Luna Bar

Sometimes when I go grocery shopping, I go down the "health" aisle to see what's on sale.  Protein bars are not all created equal.  Some have crazy ingredients.  Some taste like chalk.  Others have a gritty taffy-like texture that I can't stand. 
I found this Luna Bar on Monday.  It tasted great.  It is only 190 calories and has 9 grams of protein.   One side of the bar  is chocolate dipped and they have a chewy oat middle. These Luna Bars were on sale for $.99.  Luna Bars are marketed to women.  They contain Calcium, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, and Iron. They are not a meal, but they are a good snack for pre- or post workout.  If I were lifting, I would try to have a shake or bar with about 20 grams of protein. I also tried the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut  and S'mores flavors. Can't wait to try more.
 Normal Family Wall Decor

I saw this sign on Joss and Main today. Sorry, it already sold out.

Do you remember spilling something on the counter when you were little and then slurping it up or licking it off to clean the mess?  I almost did that today.  But, I stopped myself.  I do believe in the 5 second rule for most things.  I just couldn't do it. 
I guess I'm growing up.


  1. The Luna chocolate peppermint bars are my favorite gonna have to try this coconut one yumma!!

    1. I just tried the peppermint one. Going to see if they sell them in bulk on Amazon. Wow!


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