Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This Goes Out to All the High School Sweethearts

Good old Sadies! I was 16 in this picture.  Haha!
Valentine's Day is upon us and we are up to our usual tradition of making heart cakes for everyone to decorate. Frosting, conversation hearts, and sprinkles.
The girls look forward to this every year and little man will have fun this time too.
The weather has warmed up and the snow is turning into slush.  Warmer weather means sunshine, which means a happier me.
I was lifting arms and shoulders today and my trainer walked right next to me and said, "I just want to tell you that your making some beautiful arms."
I said, "Well, you taught me how, so thanks!"
That compliment, along with the sunshine made me feel like I could push it today.
10 minutes--AMT warm-up
35 minutes--lifting shoulders/arms
  • shoulder press with a twist
  • hammer curl
  • triceps pull-down
  • shrugs
  • outer bicep curl
  • lateral raise with cable
  • bench dips
57 minutes--treadmill--5.6 miles
  • 3 miles--25 minutes
  • 2.6 miles Fartlek Sprints with walking recovery

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