Wednesday, February 19, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Build A Fort!
Then your kids can play and you can hide from the mess that happens when the fridge decides to spring a leak and go through the wall and soak the carpet.
There is a silver lining to this story.  The only reason I caught the leak is because I stayed home from the gym, so my Visiting Teachers from church could come over.   Because they were coming, I went into the dining room to pick a toy up off the floor and felt the squishy mess beneath my toes.
The walls weren't wet, so I knew the water was coming from the ground level, but I ran and checked the washer and the toilet up stairs just in case.  The restoration guys came in an hour and had fans going and the baseboard pulled off  a few hours later.  They said the leak was probably going for 2 or 3 hours.  If I had gone to the gym, it would have been a few hours more and all the tile would have been damaged and all of the carpet in the front rooms. Only a small amount of insulation got wet under the house. They said it doesn't look like it caused too much damage.  Today, they will cut into the drywall and see how wet it is still.
Thanks to my Visiting Teachers for scheduling an appointment at the perfect time. And to little man for strategically leaving his toy in the corner of the dining room.  Thanks to my Father in Heaven for watching out for my home and family.

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