Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekly Mile Test

My original plan was to warm-up and then go for a speed mile and finish with lifting and a slow jog.  But when I got to the gym I just wanted to do something a little different.

After a 15 min warm-up on the AMT, I headed to the stage.
The rowing machines are on the stage.

5 Rounds
200 m--rowing machine
5 sumo squats (holding 35lb. dumbbell)
10 burpees
I didn't time myself, but it took about 10 minutes. I probably should have done a heavier weight or more reps with the squats. I felt good doing burpees.  I think my
"graceful belly-flop" is getting more graceful.
I recovered on the AMT for 7 minutes and then went to the treadmill.
3 miles on treadmill
--1st mile 9 minutes
--fast mile 6:45 minutes
--3rd mile run/walk 10 minutes
Weekly Mile Test: 6:45
Goal Time: cut to 6:30

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