Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Cake and a Booty Barre Move

Our cake decorating party was a success.  They each tried some of their cakes before bed and little man decided to plunge head first into his cake. We love this tradition.
My leg feels like it is getting some inflammation built up again.  I needed to take it easy today.  I went to Booty Barre class, which isn't easy, but it is low impact.  The movements are so simple, but they kill and they tighten your legs and bum like no other.
One move from Booty Barre you can all do on your own
 Hold on to a chair for balance.
Stand with legs together, heels together, point toes out (1st position)
 Bend knees for a half squat
 Stay with knees bent and lift heels.
Straighten legs, squeezing thighs and glutes, staying up on tiptoes.
Back down to first position.  If you do this a few times, your legs should start shaking. I think we do 30 or so.  Slow at first and then fast.
After Barre was Pilates class.  I hadn't done Pilates since 2005.  I bought the Windsor Pilates DVDs right after I had my first baby.  It was my attempt to get rid of my baby belly.  It did work to strengthen my core for sure.  I just had a lot more to lose than just a belly.
There were only 2 of us in class.  Which was good for me because sometimes the classes are full and the instructors can't give much correction.  Charlene, the instructor, showed us how to do everything correctly instead of just us following her lead.  I learned that I hadn't been doing all the moves correctly on my own.  So it was a good learning experience as well as a workout.

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