Friday, February 21, 2014

Fun Friday!

What a beautiful day! It hardly feels like winter.  The weather man says it might snow on Sunday, so we know it's still here.  This little guy wanted to paint rocks with sidewalk chalk and play basketball.
Friday classes at the gym are a surprise (Fun Friday).  You show up and hope that there is something that you like.  Today was Power Pump. It kicked my bum.  Gail kept saying, you can do more weight.  I kind of know what I can do, but I like to get pushed.  Lifting shoulders and triceps yesterday made it almost impossible to do heavy arms.  I let myself take a break a few times.  But today she actually yelled at us.  "Go harder! Don't waste your time!" I know she's fiery, but I had never seen pushy before. 
I skipped running to do Yoga because it is relaxing.  Today was all new choreography, so it felt hard.  And holding poses after Pump was not relaxing.  I didn't really sweat, but I felt wasted after 2 hrs. 
I can't wait for these jet engine fans to turn off in our house.  The floor was almost dry yesterday.  They are going to come check again today and then put back the baseboards if it is dry.  It is hard to sleep and I have a constant headache, but I am so grateful that it is a minor problem.
Tomorrow is going to be a long run.  Aiming for 8 miles and 9 minute mile average.

Have a good weekend!
Anyone doing a race tomorrow?

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