Wednesday, February 19, 2014

When In Doubt, Sweat It Out

I don't often have "bad days," but the last 24 hours have left me feeling down.  What to do? 
Just when I was headed to the gym, I got a call from the school.  I figured she was sick, but it turned out I forgot to pack her lunch.  So, I had to skip the barre class and head to the store to get food for a lunch.  I am grateful the school called.  It is not a big sacrifice to miss class, but when I am stressed out, I need to workout.
After I dropped off the lunch, I went to the gym and arrived right when the class was letting out.  I feel bad because I like the class and I want to support the instructor, but duty calls sometimes when it is not convenient.  I made today a cardio day.  Trying to get it all out.  It felt good. But now I have a headache.  I think it's from the all the fan noise.  It is pretty loud. 

When we got home, the UPS man stopped by and delivered these babies.
 And the restoration guy said the house is drying out nicely.
2 Wins!
My cousin posted this of Facebook.  Another look at proper running form.

Now if I could just get a few solid nights of sleep....

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