Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Gym and Party Prep

After the initial shock of yesterday's gym experience, I am pretty sure I am going to like the changes.  The owner says he is looking into getting battle ropes and the developer I mentioned.  He also said they are going to get the TRX system.

I didn't make it for the class today, but I peaked in.  It looked like a real workout. They will have that class again on Thursday and tomorrow is Booty Barre or something like that.  I will go tomorrow as long as the little guy cooperates. And I signed up with my husband for the Cable Bridge Run.  Last day to sign up is tomorrow.

Here are the pictures of the cardio room, weights, and the stage.

Basic stuff: bikes, treadmills. ellipticals, AMTs

The stage is in between those 2 projector screens. ESPN only TVs

Rowing machines on the end, looking out the window.
10 minutes--warm-up--AMT
45 minutes--weights
  • squat rack
  • sumo squats
  •  body weight squats--feet together, wide stance, shoulder width with reach
  • kettlebell swings
  • kettlebell squats
  • leg extensions
  • reverse squats
26 minutes--treadmill--3.1 miles
10 minutes--stretching

Almost ready for the party!

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