Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Finds

This week's finds all have to do with the kitchen for the most part.
I found a faucet that makes me smile and it works.
I have a sink that works too.
I had the biggest smile on my face when the guys turned the water on.
Then they told me not to use it for a few more hours.

 Mosaic glass tile to use as an accent on the backsplash.
It has some stainless steel mixed in to give it a touch on modern style.
In my quest to drink more water, I bought a new water bottle that promises not to leak.
All of my sippy cups for the kids say "leak proof."
I have yet to have one that hasn't leaked.
Glass subway tile 3x6.
The best part was how happy my husband was when he saw them.
I loved the sink and he loved the counters.
Tonight is the GLOW RUN!
Have a good weekend!

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