Saturday, May 3, 2014

Friday Fun--Where's My Car?

Yesterday was an ordinary Friday. I got the kids up for school, ate breakfast in the hotel lobby, drove the kids to school, and headed to the gym.  When I got there, I dropped Luke in the kid’s room and then started to warm-up.  I wanted a drink, so I got money from my car and locked my door. I even remember double checking that it was locked.  I dropped my keys in the key box on the counter and worked out for 1.5 hours.
I was feeling happy, had a good workout, ready to have a good day and then I went to grab my keys and they weren’t there.  I checked my pockets, looked in the kids room, but I knew I had put them in the box.  I looked up to where I had parked.  My car was not there.  I did a double take or more. And my mouth dropped. I told the front desk girl that my car was gone. She didn’t believe me at first.  I just kept saying, “No, really.  It’s gone! I parked right there.  It’s not there.”
It was 9:30, the last time I saw my car.  I went to get my keys a little after 11:10.  We called the police at 11:15. He showed up 15 minutes later. While I was waiting, I called the bank to put a hold on my account. I just stood in the doorway, looking around.  I figured someone had seen me get money out of my wallet and followed me into the gym. The officer asked for my car description and license plate and then they started looking through the security tape. Within a few minutes, the owner and a gym member had ID’d their suspect.  They found his car still in the parking lot and ran the plates.
A couple of us were staring out the front windows and saw a grey van tear around the corner.  We ran out to see if it was my car.  The guy parked pretty crooked and jumped out of the car holding my keys in his hand.
“I’m on this medication and I took the wrong keys. It’s my medication. I didn’t mean to.”
The lady with me escorted him into an office in the gym where the owner and the police officer could interview him. I looked in the back seat of my car to see if anything was missing. Every thing was tossed out of the diaper bag. But it didn’t look like it had been dug through; more like he was taking corners too fast and it flew out. I had a laptop in the back and it was undisturbed.
He told the officer that he lost his key and got frustrated.  He was on a new anxiety medicine and it didn’t work, I guess. He took a pair of keys, hit the unlock button, looked for the car that beeped and got in.  He came back when it dawned on him what he had done. The car got back at about 11:40.
The only thing he touched, that I could tell, was my Talbots catalog.  He had pulled out a page, written “mowing and edging” on it and folded it in quarters.  The whole situation was so strange. I must have been in shock.  I didn't cry. I didn't go crazy.  At first, I wasn’t going to call my husband.  But I did.  He was just like, "You're kidding, right?" He was on his way when the car came back.  We just sat and talked about how weird it was. Then he checked out the car to make sure it wasn’t damaged.
A medic came to check out the guy—they said he was okay, but couldn’t drive.  He was in cuffs for a while, but they took them off when he calmed down.  They called his wife to take him home because they wouldn’t let him drive. (That's why I am so grateful he was okay.  He really was in no condition to drive). She confirmed that he had changed medications and had been acting strangely for a while.
I’m so glad it all turned out fine.  We will change our credit cards and bank stuff, but other than that we are fine.
For a while, I was shaking when he gave me my keys.  I couldn’t use my phone.  I told my husband, “I bet I could run really fast right now.”  
How's that for some Friday Fun? What was your Friday Fun?

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