Saturday, May 10, 2014

Giveaway! Hallelujah I'm Back At Home!

Life away from home is stressful.
Life without a kitchen is stressful.

Having a Giveaway is not stressful.
In honor of Mother's Day and almost being finished with all this construction,

Enter to win a $25 Nike Gift Card!

To enter: 3 Ways
1. Share some motherly advice or what you wish you knew before you became a mom (blog or Facebook).

2. Share a picture of your kids, you with your kids, or you with your mom on FB.

3. Share what you love about your mother.

*1 entry on FB and 1 entry on blog per day
*Entries must be received by midnight 5-18-2004
* Winner will be randomly selected 5-19-2014

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Motherly advice I wish I'd known: I wish I knew how hard two c sections was going to be on my body. It wouldn't have mattered anyway. I also wish I'd known how fast children grow so I didn't waste so much time being distracted. I wish I'd known that a healthy momma is a happy momma and focused alittle more on my over all health especially after my first. Everyone is so different and their challenges included, I am so grateful for my mother and all she taught me about loving her children and devoting her time to them.

  2. Be flexible with everything, including your expectations :)

  3. I wish somebody had told me not to try to be perfect because it's impossible. I had to learn to be okay with just letting things go. :)

  4. I love that my mom is an awesome seamstress! She made adorable dresses for me when I was growing up and now she makes dresses for my little girl!

    1. At some point I remember not liking wearing homemade clothes. Now I wish I had that skill. What a great Mom!

  5. Sometimes we are the hardest on ourselves. We all do the best we can. Make sure to take time for yourself. Even that just means taking a shower.


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