Saturday, May 31, 2014

Glow Run

This race was put on by the Betty Boobs, a Relay for Life team.
All proceeds go to cancer research.
My heels were bothering me a bit, so I did a pre-race ice bucket

My little friend decided he wanted to do it too.
Waiting until 8 pm to go made me a little antsy.
I think I went to the bathroom 5 times.
I drove over to the race venue and realized that I hadn't eaten anything since before 5pm.
I pulled into Winco and bought a bag of

Swedish Fish

I grabbed a handful and ate them while the parking attendants directed me to my parking spot.
The race was right next to a golf course. 
I found a golf ball when I opened my door.

It was still sunny and hot, so I didn't wear my run shirt.
I opted for a tank, I just don't like getting hot.

But their shirts are cute.

There were tons of awesome glow in the dark glasses, hats, and even mohawks.
Some groups had team shirts.
There weren't any speedo runners, which was strange.

I met up with some girls from the gym. 
My plan was to run with them, but it is hard once you get through the crowd, to stay at a slower than normal pace.
And I wanted to see what my legs and feet would let me do.

My injury, that started 2 months ago, was aggravated after my last 5K and I was hoping that I would be alright.

The course was right along the river path and was lined with neon lights.
There were almost 1,000 people on that 2-way trail.
On the way out it was crowded and on the way back it was still crowded.

Time: 24:43

I waited at the finish line to cheer on my friends.
Right when we all met up again, I got runner's stomach.
So, I didn't stay and hang out.
I just went home.

It was a fun event.
It would have been even more fun if one of my family members would have run with me.
Maybe next year.

I put on my compression socks and tried to go to bed.
But I didn't fall asleep until 2 am.

See, I glowed!

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