Sunday, May 25, 2014

Girls' Day Out

The girls have been begging me to take them shopping for a few weeks.  Luke went with his Dad to work on the farm, so the girls and I were left to have some "girl time."

Both of the girls needed church flats.  The only place that seems to have styles that both of them like and the shoes aren't too expensive is Payless.  They had a bunch of cute shoes yesterday.  I wish some of the girls shoes would have been in my size. They each got a pair of black flats and some of the no shoe socks.

We went to TJMaxx in search of a dress or skirt and came out with a shirt, socks, and a baby gift. I had a gift card, so everything was free and I had $0.65 to spare. While we were there, I looked at clothes while the girls looked at toys.  Haylee does not like to hold still for very long and does not like to shop when she has to walk.  She was getting really grumpy.  I wondered why she could be so grumpy and it turns out she was hungry.

We went to Red Robin for lunch and she turned into a different child.
I have always had good meals at Red Robin.
This time, it was not very good.
My burger was burnt and it just didn't taste very good.

I even ordered bottomless broccoli and it was so bad, I didn't ask for seconds.
I will not willingly go there again for a while.
Carl's Jr. was just across the street.  Their burgers have never let me down.
Just in case you ever wonder, PF Changs and Tony Roma's seem to know how to cook broccoli. 
One time we went to PF Changs and all I ordered was a side of broccoli.
We finally hit the mall.  Old Navy for some shorts and DownEast for a skirt.
Of course we had to stop by Cinnabon.
It was not as good as I had remembered either.
But the girls liked it.

I probably won't take them shopping until school starts.
It was fun to do something together, but shopping was only fun for a few minutes.
Maybe next time we'll go to a movie instead.
Workout: Saturday
10 minutes--bike
10 minutes--elliptical
15 minutes--AMT
25 minutes--treadmill

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