Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day...and BEYOND!

My heels have been killing me.
At first I thought it was my shoes and then I thought it was a form issue when I do squats.
I am leaning toward shoes again.
June 2 cannot come soon enough.
Yesterday, I decided that I would just lift upper body and be good.
But I saw that they were offering a Step, Pump, Yoga combo class, so I decided to try it out.
The step part was fun and I didn't have any pain.
But when we did the squat track--Oh!Man!
I had to STOP.
My quads were fine, but my heels were on fire.
I almost took off my shoes, but I didn't think that would really help.
After the squats were done, I was fine.
I'm sure Gail thought I was being lazy.
I like to go extra hard.
I hadn't been to a class in over 2 months. 
I just decided I didn't want to hurt myself more.
After the gym, we went to my In-laws for lunch.
The kids love playing together and there were horse rides too.
Today is day 3 of wearing this beige Kinesiology Tape (Mueller).
No one has commented on it, so switching from bright blue to this neutral has done it's job.
I have gone from one piece to 3, trying to support all the different angles.
My calf has felt pretty good.
Now my heels are the worst.

But I was able to run and stay on my toes.
I am not going to lift lower body for a few weeks and see if all of this crud will go away.
More ice buckets.
No ice baths because I still am using my tub to wash dishes.
The counters are supposed to be installed Thursday!
That means I will finally have a kitchen sink, dishwasher, and disposal again.
I might actually enjoy washing dishes.
45 minutes--AMT
30 minutes--treadmill-
  • Run/Walk--6.4 mph/4.0 mph (1 mile)
  • Run/Walk--6.6 mph/4.0 mph (.5 mile)
  • Run/Walk--7.5 mph/4.0 mph (1.5 miles)

What did you do for your holiday?

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