Saturday, May 3, 2014

Worked Out

April 30

It is the best feeling when I finish a workout and know that I couldn't give anymore.
I have only had a handful of good workouts in the last month.  It makes my day go so much better when I really get a good sweat session.

We will be going to the hotel tonight. Pretty sure I won't be getting much sleep. Little man doesn't always sleep well away from home.

I'm still not sure how long we will be out of the house. I'm thinking until Sunday if they put all the guys they have on my house project, which they won't.

Killer Move of the Day
Front squat--instead of the barbell on your shoulders behind your head, you rack it in front of your shoulders. You can also hug a weight plate or dumbbells pushing against front of shoulders, make sure you hold plate high across your chest. Squat as low as you possibly can comfortably, feet shoulder width apart--toes slightly pointed out. Knees should go out, not forward.

Demo--barbell front squat plus 8 other CrossFit basic moves

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