Friday, April 4, 2014

Brought To You By Rainbow Brite

I have been wearing my compression socks all day and all night. And, no, I haven't washed them yet.  I will wash them tonight.  It's kind of gross, but I think they have really helped.  I still haven't gotten any tape, but the plan is to wear the tape on non-sock days.  My calf and Achilles are improving.  Still holding off on running, but I can feel that it is getting better and I am really excited and grateful for that.
 I didn't realize how bright my outfit was until I stood in front of the big mirrors at the gym.  I normally wear a lot of black and gray to the gym.  I think the socks put it over the top.  I got a few looks.  Couldn't decide if they thought I was crazy or tough?
We have lights and a doorway in the new room.  I am loving it.  I am not a designer, but I happen to have several sisters-in-law who are incredible decorators.  Maybe I'll enlist their help when this is all done. And Mr. is starting to like it too.
I hope you all have a good weekend.
I will be watching this.
30 minutes--AMT--16/18 Interval
60 minutes--lifting
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Abs
10 minutes--AMT

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