Monday, April 14, 2014

Grocery Shopping, Jammers, and a Day Off

Does any one else get nostalgic when you go grocery shopping?
I used to walk as fast as I could, 7 blocks, to the grocery store at lunch time in Junior High and get some Corn Nuts and a cream soda or water.  BBQ Corn Nuts bring back good memories.
Of course I had to buy some.  And they were just as good as I remembered.

I like to hit the outside of the grocery store when we go.  The hardest thing with a 3 year old is avoiding the toys that are randomly placed along the edges of the aisles.  Everything is awesome to him.  Even if it is a piece of junk.  Crying and whining in the grocery store is not fun. I was able to distract him with some apples.  We ended up with more than I wanted, but he was happy to count them.

Chatarunga Jammers
Two thumbs up. I got my Jammers last week and have worn them 2x.  The talls were the perfect length for my leg.  Ending right above the knee.  The regular length ones hit me mid-thigh and were not quite comfortable.  If you want a pair longer than booty shorts, but shorter than knee-length, you should try the regular jammers.  I can't vouch for riding up or not.  Mine don't, but they are long. They are super comfortable.  I only kept one pair and didn't re-order because I would like to try a different brand of running short. 

Day Off
What to do when you aren't exercising.
  • fold laundry
  • vacuum
  • dust
  • grocery shop
  • play with kids
  • window shop online
  • blog
  • research how to heal faster
  • feel sorry for yourself
  • wait for painters to come to your house
  • look at paint chips
  • dream of running
  • sleep
  • read scriptures
  • pray for strength
  • help a neighbor
  • attempt cutting your son's hair. Oops!

I know this won't kill me.  I told myself I could take a week off. 

Last night, we watched "Inside Man" with Morgan Spurlock.  He was learning how to be a paparazzo.  We have talked before of things we could do together when the kids leave home.  His suggestion was to be long-haul truck drivers.  I suggested we become paparazzi.  He was not intrigued.  I guess we'll just stay home.

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