Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Painters, Trapped In The Car, Workout

What are you supposed to do when painters are coming and you have to get out of the house?
You go to the gym and stay there for as long as possible. Which is only two hours.

Then what?
We went to McDonald's and had a picnic in the garage.
After lunch, we went to visit my sister for a while.
This guy sat in a mud hole and had to take his pants and socks off.
We came home when it was time for our oldest to get off the bus.
We parked in the driveway for a while...
 Luke let Haylee know, "We can't get out of here."

After 9 hours out of the house, it was finally time for a shower and dinner.
That is the longest I have ever stayed in my sweaty clothes.
Tomorrow, I'm packing a bag with extra clothes for everyone.
And I will be stopping by someone's house for a shower.
25 minutes--AMT
9 minutes--treadmill--1 mile
40 minutes--lifting
  • squats with medicine balls
  • leg extension
  • push ups
  • alternating lunges w/ and w/o hop
  • heel raises
  • squat w/ shoulder press
10 minutes--AMT
15 minutes--stairclimber

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