Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dubai Trip

These pictures are from my husband's business trip to Vietnam and Dubai.
He has been to some interesting places and eaten some interesting things.
I just think this stuff is unique and most of us won't have the chance to see these places so I thought I would share.
Feel free to correct my descriptions, Mr. Walker.
 A Dairy in Vietnam
I thought the Cows were a nice change from the normal Lions or Dragons in front of a house.
The Mall in Dubai
 Indoor Skiing on TOP of the Mall

 I thought there was a car show in town.
But my husband said that if you drive a fancy car you get front row, valet parking.
Rolls Royce.
 The tallest tower in the world at night.
Burj Khalifa
The camels that eat the hay my husband sells.
Some day I'll get brave enough to travel with him.
Wouldn't it be amazing to run through these places!
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40 minutes squats/abs
35 minutes AMT--5 rounds, 7 minutes at a time.  Alternating with lifts.

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