Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm a Pegasus and More Painting

I got my bag all packed and we headed out to the gym early.
The painters came and sheeted off all the walls so they could paint ceiling upstairs this time.
This time we weren't  actually locked out of the house.  We were free to roam downstairs as needed, but I had to make sure I had clothes for after working out.


The gym was crowded today. There was no space in the weight room. I stuck to biceps and triceps because my lower body was sore and you can lift those muscles without a bench or much space.
And I was just plain tired.

I stayed up til 1 am because of a sick child . He had a tummy ache and needed a nap and that made him not want to sleep when it was bedtime. We watched Cindrella and Toy Story 2.
He kept saying, "Mom! Don't close your eyes!" And I was like, "Shhh! Quit talking. Go to sleep."

I had been trying to hold off on buying shoes until the new Glycerins came out, but I have been in some kind of pain or discomfort for over a month. Whenever that happens, I know it's my shoes.

I went to Runner's Soul and told Scott that I wanted a shoe that would work similar to the Glycerin, but I didn't want to pay a lot. He pulled out all the shoes that he had on sale that are similar to the Glycerin--neutral with cushioning.

He brought out the following shoes:

Asics Nimbus
Asics Cumulus
Brooks Ghost
Nike Pegasus
Adidas Supernova
Saucony ?

My top two were the Pegasus and the Cumulus. My problem with the Cumulus was the height of the shoe  on the back of my heel. It felt like it was digging in to me when was just walking. That has been a problem for my feet with all Asics I have tried.

I chose the Nike Pegasus. The Pegasus is narrower than the Brooks Glycerin. They feel Snug around my foot, like a compression sock. But they are super light. That makes me wonder how they will wear, but I think they will be a good shoe in my rotation.
This is the only color they had in my size.  They were on sale for $70.  If you are looking for running shoes, I highly recommend going to Runner's Soul.  If
Scott is working, you will have some of the best service you will ever find.
Walking around in these shoes make me feel like I am in heels.  My other shoes were so worn down in the toes and the heels and my PureFlows just didn't have enough rise for the way I strike.  Pretty sure I am NOT a minimalist runner.
20 minutes--bike, easy
30 minutes--biceps, triceps
10 minutes--bike

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