Friday, April 11, 2014

Not-So-Secret Sauce and V8 Protein Bar

There is a secret sauce in our house that I buy 2 at a time.
Your hint is: we go through a gallon of milk almost daily.

Any guesses?
Nesquik Chocolate Syrup!
My kids love chocolate milk.  One won't drink any milk unless it is chocolate, the other 2 love both plain and chocolate milk.  One time we tried the strawberry kind and it sat and sat until I finally threw it away.  We all prefer this brand to the brown bottle.

The other secret sauce is
Sweet Baby Ray's  Honey Barbecue Sauce.
I think this qualifies as false advertising.  V8 protein bars taste nasty.  Like a baby food veggie mix with chocolate sauce. NASTY! This one is Peanut Butter Flavor. There might be different flavors, but don't waste your money on this one. Just drink a V8 and a protein shake separately if you are a fan of Tomato Juice. Some things just don't go together.

Gym Time
I had a crier when I got to the gym because we forgot his "big Buzz." I only had an hour to spare and going home did not seem like an option.  When I got in the car, I could feel my body getting hot.  I was so frustrated.  I didn't sleep well last night and I just needed to get out and get some endorphins flowing.  I went home as fast as I could and hoped that I wouldn't run out of gas.  There and back is like 6 miles maybe. 

I think they were surprised that I came back.  Running still isn't where I want it to be.  I did 2 miles slowly, walking and jogging. Then I lifted and did push ups.  I had to do them on my knees.  My body is weaker because I have been lifting upper body for most of the last 3 weeks. That's another reason I am frustrated.  Just keep going, right? Everything is improving.  I know that, but I guess I am being impatient. 

How do you get out your frustrations? New running shoes would improve my mood.  The ones I want don't come out until June!!!

What is your "secret sauce?"

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