Wednesday, April 9, 2014

You may have noticed a few links on this blog to
When I was looking at their site yesterday, I noticed how GREAT it really is.
There are lots of workout ideas, including a GWOD-greatest workout of the day.
These WODs require no equipment as far as I have seen.
That means everyone can do them.
Starting Over

That's how I feel right now.  My running is starting over.  I am not starting from zero, but I feel like I might need to use a different strategy. I read an article about a lady who pushed herself so hard to Boston Qualify that now she doesn't want to race any more.  My body was throwing fits when I started to workout high intensity everyday.  I thought I just needed to work through it.  If I had been smart, I would have pulled back.  But I like to push and I wanted to see where I could go.  My body couldn't handle upping both running and lifting at the same time.
The question then is why am I doing this? Why do I exercise?
It makes me feel happy, accomplished, strong, energized (except when I overdo it).
I want to be an example to my kids of being active.
It is a social event to some degree.  You make friends when you see the same people everyday.
In my dreams, I might be a racer, but that isn't the most important thing.
Margaret shared why she exercises, "I run/exercise because it makes my time with my family better and more enjoyable. We do sometimes exercise together but I also use my exercise time to be by myself.  I do it because it allows me time to clear my head and mentally plan/prepare for real life. I had always been a fitness walker and aerobics girl when I was younger but once I had my own (kids I let my) activities slide. I felt like since I worked outside the home that I needed to spend all the other minutes with my kids. I have since found that my hour a day of exercise  makes our other house so much better!"
I totally agree with her take.  Exercise makes me better in all other facets of my life.
Starting or starting over is sometimes hard, but from my experience, the work is totally worth it.
Find friends to walk or run together with or join the gym together.
Take measurements or pictures so you can see your progress and recognize your accomplishments. 
Or keep a speed journal and mark your progress that way.
Here's to starting over.  Slowly, but surely.
16 minutes--AMT
Leg Press
Leg Extension
16 minutes--AMT
Decline abs
Hamstring curls
9:30--treadmill 1 mile
Floor abs
9:30--treadmill 1 mile
2 minutes--treadmill walking

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