Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throw Back Thursday, Exercise and Digestion, Inspiration for Life

Aren't we cute?
This is my sister, Emily and I.  My guess is that I was about 3 years old.  I was dressed like a boy when I was little.  Green cords and all.
Exercise and Digestion
Some days, I feel like my digestion is really slow.  It could be that I haven't eaten enough fiber for a few days or I ate baked goods the night before.  In either case, it seems like one thing that helps relieve those symptoms is a sweaty cardio session.
"Better Living" says that getting your muscles moving by doing cardio improves blood flow and  gets your intestinal muscles moving as well, improving "sluggishness" and helping "push waste through your body."
Taking a walk after dinner can be enough to help aid digestion.  Getting your blood moving doesn't have to be an intense workout session.  Walking is just fine.
Inspiration For Life
My cousin's wife, Jenn, (whom I call my cousin) posted this on Facebook a few weeks ago.  It is good advice for life. 
She has a really cute and creative blog called Ruffled Sunshine. The current post is about their son who just turned one.  They are great people, so fun and kind.  You can read some about their adoption story and see her many talents.

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