Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What To Do?

The hardest thing about being out of the house for most of the day is figuring out how to keep these kids happy. 
Our first stop this morning was Lowe's.  We looked at lighting and countertops and then headed out to the lawn mowers and plants. This guy tried to start up a few of them.  I told him they only worked for dads.
After Lowe's, we went to the Dr. to get a new prescription for Flonase.  Little man has some trouble with allergies.  We will probably do the allergy blood test soon. For some reason, when the Dr. checked his ears, he started to cry.  It doesn't appear to be infected, but something definitely hurt.
 We went to McDonald's again for lunch, but this time we went to the park "down by the river" and had a picnic. Both of these kids like to spin. I had a bottled water because I had a late breakfast.  I think this no kitchen, all fast or restaurant food will make it impossible to actually enjoy fast food.
 This guy pretended like he was mad when I said it was time to go. Then I took his picture and he started to smile.
This is what the kitchen looked like after 3 pm today.
There was a ton of dust flying out the front door when we came home.
There is no water in the kitchen.
There is still a functioning bath downstairs. 
The rest of the tile will be removed tomorrow and then they will prep the floor and lay the new stuff on Thursday and Friday.
It might take longer than that.
My instructions were to make sure everyone wears shoes downstairs because there are staples and sharp corners.  The tile people recommended that we leave the house and head for a hotel.
I emailed the adjuster and the next thing I knew, I was being called by a temporary home specialist.
We have a hotel for tomorrow night and probably for the next 5 days.
There is dust everywhere.
50% of the plastic fell to the ground last night, so they had to re-hang the dust barriers.
They will have to do it again tomorrow because it already fell again tonight.
I will be glad to get away and have a place to rest, instead of wandering around town.
No workout today.
Too much stuff going on.
Good night.

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