Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brooks EZ T long sleeve

I thought this shirt was cute, but I wasn't sure about the length. It is a little short, but not if I use it as a layering piece.  I would have gotten a large if they had it for added length. I wore it to the gym and got super sweaty, but not overheated. The tag said it is a cold weather shirt, so I can use it to run outside. Now I just need some cold weather tights.

12 minutes--AMT--warm-up
35 minutes--quads

  • Squat w/20 lb. kettle bell
  • Hack squat holding 15 lb. dumb bells, heels on half foam roller
  • Jump squat w/ 6 lb. medicine ball
  • Squat with front kick
  • Squat with side leg raise
  • Squat ( no weight)
20 minutes--AMT--12/16 interval
8 minutes--stairclimber--25 floors
10 minutes--treadmill--1 mile at 8:00, walk 2 minutes
10 minute--abs


  1. What is the difference between 'workout' clothes and just using a plain old t-shirt and um...pajama bottoms? Lol. Is there somewhere you recommend getting clothes from? And why are they so darn expensive?

    1. I would go to Target or TJMaxx. They usually have a good selection of tech shirts. Look in the guys section too. These wick away your sweat and let your body "breathe" better. I wear compression capris that hold in my jiggle and I think they support my leg muscles. This shirt is really warm even though it is thin. There is a big difference. But use what you have if you don't want to buy them. Lots of people just wear sweats and T's. It makes a difference if you are trying to race. I upgraded my clothes as I got faster.


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