Saturday, November 30, 2013

Staying Motivated During Holidays

Things get busy as soon as December hits.  To stay motivated, schedule in your workouts.  Things can always get in the way, if you don't make exercise a priority.

For me, the hard part will be all of the treats that will start arriving at our door.  I am going to make sugar cookies again next week and probably cookies & cream popcorn, but after that I am not planning on baking for the rest of the month.  My birthday is this week, but I had enough treats, I don't want any right now.

I didn't do any Black Friday shopping.  I slept instead.  I did find some deals online.  Cyber Monday will be when I finish most of my shopping for Christmas.  I like getting presents for people especially when they don't expect it. Surprises are fun!

Milk Chocolate LINDOR Truffles 75-pc Bag
Lindt chocolates
The gym was nice and quiet today.  Some days it is so busy, the machines I want to use, that I get annoyed.  Today was not that way.  Which was great because I was low on sleep last night, it would have made me grouchy. My husband and I went to Costco and they were handing out chocolate samples, good chocolate.  What a nice treat!

10 minutes--AMT--warm-up
20 minutes--lifting--leg extension, hamstring curl, alt. lunges, abs
41 minutes--treadmill--5.2 miles @ 0.5 incline

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