Friday, November 22, 2013

Iron Rhino

I saw this on Facebook. IRON RHINO click this link for video demos.
The hardest part was the Burpees.  I did 50 and then I was done.

50 jump rope or high knees
20 squats
50 jump rope or high knees
20 push-ups
50 jump rope or high knees
20 V sit-ups (alt. legs)

Circuit 1
200 deep body weight squats (100-150 for beginners)

Circuit 2--3 rounds of 50 reps
50 crunches
50 sec plank
50 shoulder press w/ 10# weights (I did 6 # for the last 2 rounds)

Circuit 3--Do as many cycles as you can in 1minute, Repeat 4x, with 30 second rest between round
10 Mountain climbers
10 Speed skaters
10 Uchi Mata push-up

Circuit 4--Timed Challenge
100 Burpees w/o push-up

300 abs--I just did several different ab moves up to 300 total

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