Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pain Relief Tools

Frozen water bottle--I use this to massage the bottom of my foot or hold it under my arch. I also like to roll my Achilles and calves with it.
Ice pack--regular ice packs are good for on top of the knees or hips.  Sometimes I sleep on an ice pack if I have a pinched nerve in my back.

Icy Hot--I switched from BioFreeze to Icy Hot recently and I like it better.  This dispenser is a little messy, but it works well. To relieve tight muscles.
Ibuprofen--I don't use this a lot. When I can't sleep or sit without pain, I will take some.
Hot bath--Just to relax.  It feels so good after a hard run or lifting session.  Or when it is freezing outside.

Ankle rotations
Foam roller
Chiropractic care

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