Thursday, November 7, 2013

To Go or Not to Go?

There are a few things I could get done this morning if I skip the gym. Argh!
Target to look at lamps and knobs for the kitchen.
Try on the Brooks PureFlow2 and some shirts.
Hit Costco.
I can't do it all before the bus comes with my kindergartener.
Maybe I should go to the GYM.
Then try on shoes.
Come home and have lunch.
Head to Costco.
It is a lot easier with only one child. Hmmm.

All right. Gym it is. That wasn't so hard.

35 minutes--AMT--16/18 interval--4.4 miles
15 minutes--ab machines, decline
10 minutes--step ups on 9" step
10 minutes--kettlebell swings
10 minutes--treadmill--1 min. sprint (9mph), 1 min. walk(4.0mph). Last sprint 10 mph.

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