Friday, November 15, 2013

Educating Myself

I have been jumping around to different running blogs and trying to learn better ways of doing things.  Sometimes I feel like I workout hard and so I should have dramatic changes--in speed, muscle, inches, weight, whatever.

The truth is that it is quality of a workout and not quantity.  More is not always better. I tend to go for a long time.  If I lift hard and I run far then that must be a good workout.  I should probably alternate running and lifting if I want to build more muscle.  I need to make sure I refuel immediately after I exercise. I can tell that my body wants to shut down when I don't get enough food or rest. I tried to cut my time at the gym a bit this week. I think it helped me have more energy throughout the day.

This week I have felt some improvement in speed and form and quicker recovery. I am trying to maintain a certain level of fitness and make it easier to do the half marathon in February. Hopefully it all works out.  I'm planning on running the JingleBell 5K next week.

35 minutes--AMT
40 minutes--legs/glutes (usually 3 sets of 12)
  • squat with neutral shoulder press
  • modified hack squat
  • sumo squat
  • step-up on bench w/ 15 lb. dumbbells
  • Bulgarian split squat--no weight
  • squat with 20 lb. kettlebell
  • shoulder tap planks

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