Wednesday, October 30, 2013

End of the Cleanse

This go around, the cleanse was pretty easy.  I do feel a lot better in my gut and I am down about 5 lbs. I was up from my low, so it isn't a real loss.  But I am back to "normal."

We went into a store called "Complete Nutrition."  They had a lot of the same types of supplements as Advocare.  I didn't check prices, so I don't know how they compare.  We got a new protein powder and some Quest bars.  They were pretty good.  High in fiber and protein.

These are a few of the foods that I enjoyed on the cleanse and today.

 Baked Salmon with Lemon Pepper and Broccoli
I love these pre-cut celery sticks.  The price is pretty similar to buying 2 stalks of celery and you get as much usable celery. I also love this Almond Butter. I am sure there are lots of good ones.  The Jif Almond Butter is gross. This is called Barney Butter and comes in creamy and chunky.  I got mine at Yokes. It is healthier than peanut butter and tastes great.  I tried it like a PB&J and would recommend peanut butter.  Someone told me it is awesome with honey in a sandwich.

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