Monday, October 28, 2013

What's That Smell?

My plan for today was to do a long run because I hadn't done one since the half marathon.  I jumped on the treadmill and started a slow warm-up mile.  9:20.  I turned it up to 8:00 miles and did 2 more miles.

 So I'm up to three miles and then there is this horrible rotten egg smell. I try to keep running and end up gagging.  So, I push pause, go get a drink and come back.  I start running again. I run for 6:30 minutes and there it is again.  Rotten, sulfur blech! I cough and look around.  I am pretty sure I know where it is coming from.  He just keeps running, four treadmills away from me. I hit 5 miles and I have to stop.  I can't breathe. 

My plan changes, I go to the back of the gym and lift for a few minutes.  I go back and do another mile, but I had lost my stride.  So I stop and do abs and some jumping exercises. Then I pinch something in my back.  Thanks for messing up my plan stink boy!

How do you react to stinky smells in public?

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