Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Working the Middle

Running and lifting are good exercises. I noticed, however, that most of my motions are straight forward. My middle was not getting the attention that it needs. Especially the dreaded love handles.

Being confined to the house for a few days gave me the opportunity to do videos that had tons of twisting and turning and sideways motions.

One of my favorite moves is the standing, alternating oblique twist. Stand feet shoulder-width apart. Place hands behind head. Raise left knee and bring right elbow to knee. Return left leg to floor. Raise right knee and bring left elbow to knee.  Repeat 12 times on each side.

These 3 videos are a good workout, but they are not so hard that you have to be in super shape to do them.

30 Day Shred is 20 minutes long per workout.  There are 3 progressively, more difficult workouts. Low impact options. Good if you don't have a lot of time.

Turbo Jam is 45 min. long and is kind of like a dance party, but they gives low impact options. Good for beginners.

Slim in 6, Burn It Up is 1 hr. long with basic movements--knee ups, lunges, squats, punching. Gets your heart rate up. I couldn't finish this the first time I tried it.

Changing up workouts is important if you want to see physical improvements.

Do you have a favorite workout DVD?  What's your best abs move?

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