Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shoe Graveyard

When I started running, I knew shoes had a 450 mile lifespan, give or take, but I wasn't super worried about changing them because I ran three miles a few times a week. Now a normal day is 3 miles on a cardio machine and 3-4 miles on the treadmill plus lifting. So I have been replacing shoes every four or five months.

Nike Air Zoom Elite were my first real running shoes.  They were yellow, school bus yellow. They were bright back in the day, but they were so comfortable. I tried Kayanos because a lot of people like the, but they were not right for my foot. After a few Adidas shoes, I finally found my dream shoe.  Brooks! The Brooks Glycerin shoe air neutral and has a lot of cushion. I am on my 10th pair at least. Every foot is different, so you should get help from a running shoe store. There are guides online that could help you know what type you need. Right now, I run in the Glycerin 10. They are dark gray with pink accents.  I have gone through 4 pairs of the Glycerin 10.

HINT: When the new style comes out, the old ones are discounted. I only bought one extra pair this year and I am almost through them mileage wise. If you find a shoe you love, it is a good idea to buy in multiples. Now, I have to hope that my feet like the Glycerin 11.  I probably will try on some Mizunos next time.  Shoes do make a difference for sure. Good shoes without a sale are going to be around $100. The Glycerins run $150 for the latest model. If you are serious about running, they are a good investment. Keeping your body healthy and free from injury is worth the price of a good shoe.

Do you have a favorite running shoe?

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