Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Good Workout

Today was the first day, post-race, that I felt great while I was exercising.  It has been about three and a half weeks since the race. I thought it would take only two weeks to recover. I can finally say that I have no pain and am recovered. It feels good.


35 minutes AMT
40 minutes back and triceps
     Assisted pull-ups 3x12
     Back extension 3x15
     Tricep pushdown, split rope grip 3x12
     Tricep extension, overhead 3x12
     Lat pulls 3x12
     Chainsaws 3x12 (one-armed row)
     V-ups 3x25 (abs)
24:30 Treadmill 5K

1 comment:

  1. I love this, just noticed you updated your blog 5 days ago I still go on to see if Carrie updates her. You have inspired me as I have been on the fence about joining a gym. Even on a strict budget its only $10-20 including childcare. So many gyms around here. Lots of mental frusteration and needing and wanting to just get out. Thanks for doing this, and don't stop. We really are reading it and you're progress screams hey this girl knows what shes doing :)


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