Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Where Does the Scale Fit In?

People say you shouldn't weigh yourself frequently.  I didn't have a scale in my house until 2004. If  I would have had a scale while I was pregnant, I don't think I would have gained as much weight.

When I got married, I stopped doing regular exercise. We would play tennis or go for a walk every once in a while, but most of our life was sitting in class or watching TV.  When we did the grocery shopping, we got microwaveable foods, some canned veggies, some fresh fruit, lots of chips, lots of ice cream.  That is a guaranteed recipe for poor health. I liked veggies and fruit, but I was trying to make and buy food that would get eaten and not go to waste.

I experienced an obvious gain in weight evidenced by the tightness of my pants. But then again, I didn't have a scale, so I didn't know how high I was until Christmas Break. I got comfortable and lazy. I am sure that happens often.  Eating fast food more than once a week. It is so easy to go overboard.

I told my husband, a few years ago, that we should give scales for wedding presents. That might help ward off gaining happy weight.

I recommend having a scale in the house. How often you weigh is up to you. Then you have to use how your clothes fit and the scale to help maintain where you feel the best, most energetic, most confident.

Do you weigh yourself? How often?

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