Monday, October 7, 2013


It is so important to keep hydrated before, during, and after exercise. My goal is to drink at least 100 oz. per day. Sometimes I drink more on hot days or during long run days. I can immediately feel it when I don't get enough water.

Shooting for at least an equal number of ounces of water to half your body weight is a number I have read in several articles. When you add exercise to your daily activities, you also need to add more water. 

Try drinking: 12-20 oz. of water before exercise (usually after I wake up)
                         8 oz. (at least) every 20 minutes during exercise.
                        12 oz. post workout

I carry my water (camelbak) around the gym and consume 30-40 oz. while I workout.  There's always the drinking fountain. Some people don't like water. Post workout, I like to drink a G2 or something like it. I tried the Nuun tablets, they worked as well. drink what works for you. Stay hydrated.

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