Friday, October 25, 2013


"You've got the quads of a power lifter."

I hear, "You have big legs."

"You run fast."

I think, "I'm not as fast as...or I could go faster."

"You look good."

I think, "Not with all this loose skin!"

Getting past feeling fat and tired and lonely is hard. It has been a few years since I was truly overweight, but I still feel it sometimes.

The Truth:
I squat as much as some of the boys. I work hard every time I go to the gym. I play with my kids and can run with them and hold them. I have visible muscles in my arms. I set a healthy example for my kids (they don't always follow.) I am a good friend.

Find your joy. Enjoy life. Treat others well.


10 minutes--AMT
45 minutes--squats, lunges, calf raises.
20 minutes--stairclimber level 12

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